Malaysia – One of The Best Countries For Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is where people who live in one country travel to another country to seek medical treatment and surgical care. Many people, including those living in Malaysia, might not know that Malaysia is actually one of the top destinations for foreign patients seeking treatment. The Malaysia government started to focus on medical tourism in [...]

Direct Booking VS. Online Travel Agency. What Hotels Need To Know in 2017

The relationship between hotels and OTA has always been complicated. OTA or Online Travel Agency, in this case, a website which has all the vital information a traveller need to book a hotel, homestay, lodge or a place to stay. OTA is fully dedicated to travel industry and some examples of OTA are TripAdvisors, Agoda, [...]

6 Ways To Boost Hotel Direct Online Booking in 2017

Hotels in Southeast-Asia have a lot of room for improvement in 2017 when it comes to converting direct online traffic. Most of the hotels still very much depend on OTAs (Online Travel Agency) like Agoda and Expedia to bring in sales for their hotel. OTAs services are very beneficial, more so if your hotel is [...]

6 Ways Promo Code Can Increase Your Business Earning

Promotion is a form of marketing tactic used to boost business in the short term. Softinn Solution has developed a system for merchant to enable merchants to easily and accurately create many specialise promo code. It is to cater to different occasions and different customer segments. The flexibility of the promo code system developed by [...]

WideBed is using Softinn Cloud Reservation System

Widebed Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia hassle-free vacation rental / AirBnB / BnB / homestay management service provider. With Widebed, property investors can now venture into BnB business without taking on the extra works like - key handling, cleaning, revenue optimizing etc. When you first heard of the term “wide bed”, what comes to your mind? Some people [...]