How to Add Blog Post on Your Hotel Website in Softinn CMS

Hello Softinn CMS user. Would you like to increase the number of traffic for your hotel website? Here is a good news for you, Blog Post feature is now available on Softinn CMS! With the blog post feature, you can create any blog posts with useful content and the right keywords that help increasing your hotel website traffic.

By adding new blog post regularly, it will encourage your page visitor to keep returning to your Hotel website. That said it would increase the number of clicks on your hotel website on Google, and hence increase your website traffic 🙂

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how to add a blog post on your hotel website in Softinn CMS:

Steps to Add Blog Post in Softinn CMS:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Go to Softinn CMS

Step 2 : Select the right property

Step 3 : Click on ‘Blog

Step 4 : Click on ‘Add New Blog

Step 5 : Upload the ‘Cover Photo‘ for your blog post

Step 6: Insert ‘Title‘ for your blog post

Step 7 : Insert ‘URL Link‘ for your blog post

Step 8 : Insert your blog post ‘Content

There are useful tools for you to edit your blog post ‘Content‘:

  • You can adjust the font size and change the color
  • You can insert the point form and table form
  • You can adjust the position for your sentences
  • You can insert the photos, video and URL link

Step 9 : Insert ‘Meta Title‘, ‘Meta Description‘ and ‘Meta Image

  • Meta Title, Meta Description, and Meta Image are usually shown whenever the page appears in search engine results.
  • It plays an important role for you to get more website traffic by increase the number of clicks on your Hotel website. So make full use of this setting 🙂

Step 10 : Tick on ‘Publish

Step 11 : Click ‘Save Changes

Note :

  • If you tick on ‘Hide Blog‘, the blog content will not appear on your blog page
  • Only the person that has the blog content URL link can access the blog content
  • Therefore, it is useful when you want to run a special campaign for selected guest and it is not available for the public view

Hope this helps you to add a blog post on your Hotel website 🙂

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