How to Offset the Payment for Other Charges in Guest Folio

Hello  Softinn PMS  users! Imagine that you have a reservation for a walk-in guest who had paid a Refundable Security Deposit upon check-in. 

During their stay in your hotel, there is a damage in the Room and the charges are to be borne by the guest.
Well, you can offset the damage in-room charges with the Security Deposit that paid by the Guest during check-in.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how to offset the payment of Security Deposit for other charges in Guest Folio page :

Steps to Offset the Payment for Other Charges in Guest Folio:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Login to Softinn PMS.

Step 2 : Select the right property

Step 3 : Click ‘Reservation

Step 4 : Go to the Reservation that you’ve created for the guest

Step 5 : Click ‘Guest Folio

Step 6 : Click ‘Check-in‘ to check-in the guest as usual.

Step 7 : To add the charges for the damage done by the guest, Click ‘Misc./Others‘ to add the Damage in-room charges

Step 8 : To offset the Damage in-room charges with Security Deposit, click the arrow next to the ‘Refund’ button

Step 9 : Click ‘Use to Pay

Step 10 : Select the payment for ‘Damage in Room

Step 11 : Insert the required amount

Step 12 : Click ‘Use As Payment

Step 13 : Refund the remaining Security Deposit to the guest before check-out, if any

Notes : 

  • Yellow Exclamation Mark icon referring the charges/ security deposit is not fully paid/refunded/reversed
  • Green Tick icon referring the charges is fully paid

Hope this helps you to offset the payment to other charges in Guest Folio page 🙂

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