How To Install Promotions Widget For Your Listing from Softinn Extranet

Having promotions and latest deals are the essentials of businesses to attract potential customers. By including this promotion widget, you are entitled to promote your best deals effectively !

By clicking on “Calendar” , you are directed to the calendar booking.

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Based on the calendar, you are free to add or edit discounts and surcharges to the rooms available. Click on the “>” icon to move the calendar month.


For instance, the calendar for the room date April 5th, 2016 is selling at $430.


By scrolling below the calendar, you may edit/insert the discount and surcharge to the specific room by clicking on the icon at the Action column.


From here, you will get to edit/insert either the discount or surcharge for your selected room. Once you are done entering the details, click on “Save Changes” to make changes to your selling rate.


After applying a significant surcharge and discount, the selling rate has decreased to $390 thus creating a promotion.


Click on “More” then “Sell” tab to get to the selling tools page.


From here, search for the promotion widget then click on the “Get Promotion Widget” button.


Lastly, you will get to see the list of discounts offered by the specific hotel. The promotion for the Single Room on April 5th, 2016 will appear here as well. Copy the URL then paste the entire link to any websites, blogspot, wordpress as static HTML page.


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In case you prefer video tutorial, refer the below.

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