Role of Hotel Front Office Manager

In the hotel industry, front office refers to the front desk or the reception area, the first place where the guests will head to as soon as they arrive to the hotel. We know first impressions are the most important thing in any hospitality industry. Hence, this is where the […]

5 Basic Things Hotels Can Offer To Attract Guests

Take a close look at how the hospitality industry is evolving and we will notice that more and more imaginative hotels and vacation rentals emerged across the world.Providing uniqueness, especially in terms of design and amenities, these newly developed properties are changing people’s view on a typical hotel experience. If […]

Hotel Door Lock Intro and Reviews

Safety and security are one of the important factors in guest’s selection of a hotel. In addition to protecting customers’ safety, luggage, valuables and privacy, good sound insulation door can block outside interference and allow customers to spend the most comfortable holiday at the hotel Malaysia hoteliers normally follow local […]

Cara untuk Memaparkan Homestay atau Hotel Anda di Google.

English Version: Google Map yang diperkenalkan oleh Google telah mempunyai hampir 1 billion pengguna setiap tahun. Bukan itu sahaja, Google juga memiliki Waze, iaitu aplikasi navigasi yang popular dalam kalangan pengguna internet hari ini. Tahukah anda, dengan memaparkan homestay atau hotel pada Google Map merupakan salah satu cara untuk […]