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Let’s face it – managing hotel housekeeping can be daunting! Hotels typically manage their housekeeping pretty much manually; from on-boarding the housekeepers, letting them know which rooms to clean as well tracking which rooms need maintenance, the list goes on.

The more savvy hotels would have a housekeeping module in their PMS to manage the housekeeping tasks and utilize software like TeamViewer for their housekeepers and front desk to update their progress in PMS via shared access.

Recognizing the challenge faced by most hotels in managing housekeeping, Softinn had incorporated different elements into the housekeeping module in Softinn PMS aim to help hotels improve operational efficiency by having a seamless work flow from the front desk to the housekeeper.

Auto-add housekeeping tasks upon guest check out

Softinn Housekeeping allows the option of a housekeeping task to be added automatically by the system. If a hotel decides to auto-generate housekeeping tasks, the tasks will be auto generated by the system after night audit and will be applicable to the below scenarios:

  • Have back-to-back Check-out & Check-in
  • Have guest check-in today
  • Have guest check-out today

Alternatively, you can also add any housekeeping task manually in the housekeeping module.

Set task priority (normal / high)

Some rooms might need urgent housekeeping than the other. By using the priority function, you will be able to make sure your housekeeper is prioritizing tasks to be done for the day.

Softinn Housekeeping allows you to set a high, normal or low priority to a task added. Within just a click, you get to ensure your housekeeper knows what tasks need to be done first.

Decide if housekeeping inspection is needed

Once a housekeeping task is marked complete by a housekeeper, hotel can decide if an inspection layer is needed. Using Softinn PMS Housekeeping, front desk can assign a room to be inspected by a specific inspector.

The specific inspector will be able to know what to inspect following the inspection checklist that is prepared. With just a few clicks, an inspector will know which rooms need inspection, what to inspect, and what to do upon inspection.

Maintenance (Work Order) module

Softinn PMS Housekeeping includes a Work Order module for hotels to manage their maintenance-related tasks.

With Work Order, a maintenance task can be assigned to a worker and monitored from within the system. If it is a room maintenance, the Work Order module also allows for a room to be closed for a specific date.

Easy reporting on lost & found items

Another feature supported in Softinn PMS Housekeeping is the lost & found reporting that makes it easy for any staff especially housekeepers to register an item under lost & found.

Hotel can pre-set areas around the property such as walkway, lobby and more to make it easy for a staff to tag a location for an item found.

Hotel staff can track & manage their housekeeping tasks completely via mobile

Most importantly, Softinn Housekeeping can be accessed by your hotel staff on mobile at

Once logged in, your housekeeper / inspector will see their tasks for the day that need to be completed. With this, there will be less time to brief your staff and assign them what tasks to be done.

Ultimately, with Softinn PMS Housekeeping, hotels can improve their operational efficiency by having a seamless housekeeping flow from the front-desk to the housekeeper, inspector and maintenance workers.

Softinn PMS Housekeeping guide:

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