Softinn Product Update – 2023-09-12 — v4.6.1

Notify users if the advanced cancellation policy is the same as a basic cancellation policy on Softinn Extranet

We’re excited to announce an update in our latest release, v4.6.1, aimed at enhancing your experience as Extranet users with our Cancellation Policy feature. In response to your valuable feedback, we have implemented a notification to keep you informed when saving an Advanced Cancellation Policy that matches the settings of a Basic Cancellation Policy.

Understanding Basic vs Advanced Cancellation Policies

For those who may need a refresher, a basic cancellation policy typically includes row settings: a full refund for cancellations made more than a specified number of days before check-in and either no refund or a first-night penalty for cancellations made within a specified number of days before the check-in date. On the other hand, advanced cancellation policies offer more flexibility with multiple time ranges and penalty options.

Why the Update?

Our goal is to streamline your workflow and prevent unintentional confusion when an advanced cancellation policy is automatically converted into a basic cancellation policy. With this enhancement, if an advanced cancellation policy is detected to be the same as a basic cancellation policy, a notification saying that the cancellation policy will be saved as a basic cancellation policy instead of an advanced cancellation policy will be displayed so that the user is aware that the policy will be saved as a basic policy.

We believe this update will contribute to a more seamless and efficient cancellation policy management process for you and your team.

For more information on Creating and Editing Cancellation Policies, please refer to our Knowledge Base post here:

Booking Engine Cancellation Policy Setup

We appreciate your ongoing support and feedback. As always, feel free to reach out to our technical team if you have any questions or encounter any issues.

Thank you for choosing Softinn.

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