Indoor Plants That Can Improve Your Hotel Environment

Before showing you the kind of indoor plants that you can set up your hotel, let’s first understand how live plants work towards providing exceptional service for your guests. Whether for business or pleasure, when travellers step into your hotel, you want them to feel calm, relaxed and welcome. Your staff may put in effort to give the guests the best experience, but indoor plants just make a bonus point.

First of all, indoor plants give you a cleaner air. This is especially for travel-weary guests who have made their way through dirty airports, crowded trains and harsh city conditions, indoor plants will provide them a breath of fresh air once stepping into your hotel and leaving them a good impression.

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Study found out the addition of plants in hospitality environments can create a psychological lift effect. Grocers were among the first to discover that by placing plants at the entrance of a market, shoppers would associate the store with freshness and be more confident in the quality of goods sold there. And this same goes to hotels. Other psychological lifts your guests will enjoy are an improved mood and sense of well-being and increased feelings of calm, relaxation, and optimism.

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Now let’s start with the types of indoor plants you can place in different places in your hotel. Be sure to choose one that fulfills the needs of your hotel environment.

1. Jade Plant

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Jade or Crassula ovata, is a small, succulent plant with small flowers. It requires minimal watering, thus is easy to take care of. Chinese believes that it is a “money plant” and can bring financial success. Besides the cute appearance, the myth makes the point of having this plant in your hotel.

2. Peace Lily

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The peace lily or Spathiphyllum, is a large space-filling plant that has the ability to clean the air. Apart from that, it can grow even in low indoor lightning, making it the ideal plant for indoor environment that lacks big windows or sunlight.

3. Snake Plant

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The snake plant or Sansevieria trifasciata, has leaves that can grow fairly tall. The shooting dark green leaves have bands of a bright yellow-green on the outside. A healthy snake plant has the effect of catching the eyeball of your guests as well as acting as a decoration of natural partition between guest rooms.

4. Philodendrons


These hanging Philodendron are large climbers, which means they can add some height to your wall or small areas. It is a great choice to decorate your ceilings with some greenery and decorate it with some hanging ceiling lights. Also, they can also survive without a lot of maintenance.

5. Warneck Dracaena

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Dracaena is a type of shrub, Warneck Dracaena is also known as Dracaena reflexa. It can grow to be very tall, suitable to act as the welcoming plant placed at the entrance of the lobby or lift. It also combats pollutants commonly found in varnishes and oils. So if your hotel space is furnished with hardwood floors, this shooting plant would be ideal for you.

6. Fittonia

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Fittonia is sometimes referred to as the nerve plant or mosaic plant, it works well in indoor because it thrives on fluorescent light. Besides, the oversized, inside-out look of the leaves can serve as quite a focal point in your hotel.

7. Swiss Cheese Plant

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Swiss Cheese Plant, or Monstera deliciosa, grows stunning large-leafed plants that make a great statement piece and add a warm, tropical appeal to any interior. It will also grow edible fruit which tastes like pineapple, make sure it is ripen before consuming. Easy to take care of, just keep it evenly moist and provide some indirect light or artificial light.

8. Calathea Orbifolia

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Calathea orbifolia consists of smooth streaks of white which stand out against the vivid green leaves, as beautiful as a living painting. This plants are a little tricky to care for compared to the others on the list, but the key is to stay calm and make adjustments slowly for it to adapt. Moist soil, good drainage and low but reliable lightning conditions are a great place to start. After some patience, it definitely worths for your effort when it shows leaves printed with amazing wavy streaks on it.

9. Giant White Bird Of Paradise

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This is the real statement piece. The giant white bird of paradise, or known as Strelitzia nicolai, grows up to 20 feet tall in ideal conditions and certainly tall enough to make a deep impression for your guests during his first step into the hotel. Suitable to be placed at the lobby, this plant welcomes a full sun. Do keep the soil moist and fertilize monthly to get the best results.

9. Donkey Tail Plant

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Donkey Tail Plant, known as Sedum morganianum is a wonderfully unique flowering succulent that lends itself to unique planters like the ones featured in the picture. This plant enjoys bright direct light but not extreme heat, and require regular watering in warm weather like Malaysia. This immediately becomes a decoration for the wall of your lobby as well as along the pathway outside the guest rooms.

Ultimately, the goal of every hotel is to make their guests happy. When you have the right environment combined with excellent staff, you can be sure that your guests will feel great when they choose your accommodation. Live plants will not only make your hotel lobby look inviting and beautiful, but they also help your guests feel delightful and make them wanting to come back again for their next trip.

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