Softinn Product Update 2023-12-05 — v4.7.6

Introducing Version 4.7.6 – Enhanced Reporting with Additional Filters

We’re excited to announce the latest update, Version 4.7.6, bringing a significant enhancement to our reporting capabilities. This release introduces additional filters for key reports, providing you with more flexibility and control over your data analysis.

Additional Filters for PMS Revenue Report & Forecast, Sales Summary

A New Level of Precision in Reporting

In our continuous effort to refine your reporting experience, we’ve introduced additional filters for two crucial reports:

  • New Filter Category – Reservation Status: We’ve added a dedicated filter category, Reservation Status, to the PMS Revenue Report & Forecast and Sales Summary. This allows you to precisely tailor your reports based on the reservation status of your bookings.
  • Enhanced User Control: The new filters aren’t limited to just these reports. They will also carry over seamlessly to the Revenue Report & Forecast Breakdown and Daily Sales Breakdown by Transaction Date reports. This ensures that when you click on charge types in the Revenue Report & Forecast and Sales Summary, the filters will be applied consistently across all related reports.

This update provides you with a more granular and accurate way to analyze revenue, forecast, and sales data based on reservation status.

For more information on the above reports, please refer to the following Knowledge Base posts:

  1. Revenue Report & Forecast and Revenue Report & Forecast Breakdown in Softinn PMS
  2. Sales Summary and Daily Sales Breakdown By Transaction Date Report in Softinn PMS

We value your partnership as we continue to enhance and optimize our hotel management solutions.

Thank you for choosing Softinn as your trusted partner in hotel management.

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