How to Add New Room Type

  1. You have log into our Extranet ( using either one of the sign in method.Screenshot (91)
  2. You will be directed to our Extranet official front page showing “Dashboard”.dashboard
  3. There’s list of tabs available on top for you to perform your tasks.more
  4. Choose the More and then Room tabroom.jpg
  5. Click on the Add New Room tab to continue.add-room
  6. The system will pop up a form for you to add your new room
  7. Once all the required data been entered, please proceed to click on the Save changes to ensure all your entries been successfully saved and for your acknowledgement the system will indicate it has saved your data with a pop up on your computer screen.


Once completed, you may see your newly added room in the page.


In case you prefer video tutorial, refer the below.


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