Level3 Hotel Door Lock Error Diagnose Guide

This is a guide to check the status of Level3 Hotel Door Lock system. It’s applicable to Intego and any other Level3 OEM hotel door lock systems.

No.Indicators(Sound & light signals)CauseSolution
1Red light flickersThe card doesn’t match this software system or reading card error.Initialize this card and issue it correctly or read this card to the correct inductive area.
2Blue once+ short beep once +Red onceThe door is in double locked.Open the lock with a card that can open double lock.
3Blue once+ short beep once +Red twiceThe valid time of the card doesn’t match the lock time.check the time of the card or correct the time of the lock
4Blue once+ short beep once +Red 3 timesThe room number of the card doesn’t match with the lock.Re-issue the card or re-program the lock
5Blue once+ short beep once +Red 4 times1. This card’s card code has not been set to the lock. 2. This card has been replaced1. Read the management card of this type card to the lock 2. Re-issue the card
6Blue once+ short beep twice +Red 4 timesThe card is reported lostApply Cancel Report lost Card or issue with anther card.
7Blue once+ short beep once +Red 5 timesParameters error or the system doesn’t use this type of card.Re-issue the card
8Blue once+ short beep once +Red 6 timesThe management card such as clock card, meeting card and check out card etc should be read by leading of the authorized card.Read authorized card to lock first, after hearing a “Bi~Bi~~” one short and one long sound and seeing blue light is on, read the management card to lock. After hearing a “Bi~Bi~~” one long and one short sound and seeing blue light is on, it means the settings is successful.
9Blue once+ short beep once +Red 8 timesThis lock is in the stop state, and only master card, emergence card and mechanical key can open it.Read Stop card (lead by the Authorized Card) again to recover the lock to normal state.
10Blue once+ short beep oncemotor works, and it can open normally 
11Blue once+ short beep once +Red once+ short  beep 3 timesThe voltage of the battery is low, but it still can open the door for about 50 times. After that it can open only by the master card till the batteries used up.Please change the battery as soon as possible.
12Blue once+ short beep twiceThis is a temporary guest card, and it can open the door normally 
13Blue once+ short beep once + long sound onceThe settings are successful.Such as Authorized Card
14Red light flickers every 5 secondsThe door is double locked. 
15Red and blue lights flicker alternately with alarm soundsThe lock bolt doesn’t stretch out correctly.Please close the door completely.
16Red light is onSignal of opening the door with mechanical key. 

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