How to Create Homestay Promo Flyer with MS Word

When you’re on a budget, hiring a professional to design a flyer for your homestay business is out of the question. One of the easiest ways to make a good-looking flyer in minutes is to use Microsoft Word’s templates.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we are going to make a simple flyer by playing around the shapes provided in Microsoft word.

Step 1. Gather Information

Before you want to design the flyer for your homestay, first you have to know what to put in there. So we have listed the things you need to prepare before design your flyer for your homestay business.

  1. Whole picture of your homestay (1pcs)
  2. Features images for example bedroom, bathroom and etc. (3pcs)
  3. Information about your Homestay
  4. Information about facilities that your homestay have
  5. Location/address
  6. Contact Person

Step 2. Starting a new flyer project

After gather all the information, you are ready to create the flyer.
Open Word (Start>Programs>Microsoft Word) and create a new flyer document (File>New>Blank Document).

Step 3. Entering shape areas

Every area of this flyer are made out of a shape. To add these shape, simply go to (Insert>Shapes) and you will find different kind of shapes available. For now let’s click on the Rectangle shapes because we are going to play around with the rectangle shapes only for today.

You can delete the shapes by selecting them and hitting backspace.

Create two rectangle shapes and place it like this.


Creating the first shape


Creating the second shape

You can rotate the shapes by holding the green circle on top of your shape and drag according to your preference.

By double clicking on each of these areas, you can change their outline and fill (add solid colors, gradients, patterns, pictures) or apply other effects (shadows, 3D effects) from the Format menu.


Shape Fill

Step 4. Adding images

Now when you have done placing your shapes into the position, it’s time to add the images. To add images, go to (Insert > Picture). Browse your folders until you find the images you want. For now, we suggest you to find four images that include this whole picture of your homestay, and three special features that includes in your homestay.

Now when you have place your images into the documents, click on the image, then go to (Format > Wrap Text > In Front of Text). This will enable you to position the images freely.


Wrap Text


Wrap Text in Front of Text

You can also arrange your image to be in front of the text or backward by selecting your image and click on these.



Arrange your images to look like this.


Step 5. Adding a logo/headline

Now it’s time to add the logo to your homestay. For this flyer we will make the logo using the shapes and text box. Firstly, add the oval shapes and place it on the center of the headline images.


Oval shape

Now we want to make the oval shape to have a bit of transparency. To do that, right click on the shapes and select Format Shapes.

Format shape box will appear. On the Transparency bar, adjust the bar according to your need to make it transparent. For this we make it transparent to 40%. Also make the color to black and line color to “no line”.


Format Shape

Your shape will look something like this


Next we want to place the text into the logo. We are going to create a text box. Go to (Insert > Text box) and place it in front of the oval shape we create it earlier. Write your Homestay name on it.

Try adjust your text to look something like this.


Demo Text

Step 6. Entering custom text

To create text, simply go to (Insert > Text Box > Simple Text Box). Then place the text box to the specific place you want. We are going to put the text box into this area.


Simple Text Box

Next we want to get rid of the background colour on the text box. Select the text box and go to (Format > Shape Fill > No Fill). This will remove the background colour on the text box. You can also remove the line from the text box by click on the (Shape Outline > No Outline).

Shape Fill & Line Fill

Now put on the information about your homestay on there. Try to adjust the text to look like this

Text Demo

In addition, if you have the map of your location and you want to put it in the flyer. Try to place it the image of your map like this.


Step 7. Saving the project

Click on the save icon on top of Word’s window and choose your desired document name and file format. For projects intended for printing, the best choice is to save as PDF.


Save PDF

This is what the finished flyer looks like. It didn’t take more than 25 minutes to complete our project.


Flyer Complete


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