Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) Malaysia – What You Need To Know

Regulating homestay businesses in Malaysia has been a heated debate since 2018. After over a year of uncertainties and unanswered questions faced by the homestay owners, the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) and other stakeholders have come up with a draft guideline to regulate Short Term Residential Accommodation (STRA), formerly referred […]

Let’s Go Holiday Homestay Zero Commission Plan – Apa Kata Pemilik Homestay?

Akhir bulan Jun 2019, Softinn Solutions telah memperkenalkan pelan baru untuk pemilik homestay – Zero Commission Plan. Bertujuan untuk membantu lebih banyak pemilik homestay menaikkan bilangan permintaan tempahan melalui Direct Contact Mode, pelan terbaru ini mendapat sambutan baik dalam kalangan pemilik homestay. Kami mendapatkan maklum balas pemilik homestay yang telah […]

Let’s Go Holiday Homestay Zero Commission Plan – Feedback from Homestay Owners

In June 2019, Softinn Solutions introduced a new plan for homestay owners – the Zero Commission Plan. With the aim to help homestay owners to generate more booking requests for their homestays through Direct Contact Mode, our newly-introduced plan has been well-received among registered homestay owners. We asked registered homestay […]