Generate More Revenue via Softinn Upsell with Add-ons Feature

Have you ever wondered or even had doubts on whether you could really generate revenue from providing add-on services to your hotel and homestay guests?

How Add-on Services Can Help Your Business

Based on the study conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, it has actually been revealed that 61% of consumers will look for add-on products to compliment a main purchase.

One of the ways to provide add-on services for your establishments is through your reservation system, provided that the system you are currently using does offer that kind of feature.

Softinn Upselling with Add-ons Feature

If you’re using Softinn Booking Engine, we recently launched another powerful feature after our Smart Review System, which is the Upselling with Add-ons, to help you improve guests’ experience while at the same time adding another revenue stream for your business.

Hotels and homestays that are using our Booking Engine can now add additional services that they want to offer to their guests. The add-ons options will be shown to guest once they have reached the payment confirmation page.

How To Add Add-on Services in Softinn Extranet

Login to Softinn Extranet > click on the More Tab > Upsell with Add Ons

On the Upsell page, click on the + button to start adding your add-on services

We know that add-on services could be different in terms of how to charge. For late check out, bike rental and pick up service, these are most suited for one-off charge. Some add-on services are suitable to be charged by per room night, for example, breakfast.

Depending on what kind of add-ons, you have the flexibility to choose your charge type based on suitability.

Once you have set your add-on service status to active and save changes made, your add-on will be captured in the system. Your guests will be shown your add-on options after they have reached the booking payment page.


Softinn does not collect payment for Add On services. You will receive email notification for any Add On service requested by guest. Please contact guest for request confirmation & payment details.

Upsells and Add On Request Record

Once you have added your add-on service, it will be captured under the Upsells section.

Should any of your guests request for add-on service, other than getting email notification, you can also refer to your Add-On Request Record section.

The Informed Guest column is to help you differentiate if you had contacted the guest regarding their add-on confirmation. There will be a checkbox button for you to select the checkbox if you had already contacted the guest.

With this add-on feature turned on, you can actually monitor which add-on service that you offer is more popular among your guests.

We know that guests’ experience is important, thus we believe that by utilizing this feature, you can enhance your guests’ stay experience, making your business to stand out from your competitors.

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