Softinn Solutions Launches Smart Review System

Another milestone achieved! Softinn Solutions has launched a new feature, called the Smart Review System in the aim to help merchants to understand the key areas to improve for their homestay or hotel businesses thus provide a better experience for their guests.

Check out the video guide on how to setup Smart Review System for your property on Softinn Extranet here.

The Smart Review System is divided into two parts, a survey sent on the first night of guest’s stay and collect Google Review a day after guest has checked out.

First Night Stay Survey

If you would like to know your guests’ experience on their first night staying at your premise, you may turn on the First Night Stay Survey. On their first night, they will receive a survey email to rate their experience at your premise so far. Below is the sample email they will receive once this is turned on:

Upon clicking the emoji, they will also be asked to leave a feedback for their rating which will then be sent to your email. Based on the feedback (good or bad), you can take necessary steps in improving their stay experience at your premise.

Collect Google Review A Day After Check-out

The other part of the Smart Review System is allowing you to collect guest’s Google Review a day after the guest had checked out. An email will be sent to the guest to ask them to rate and review your accommodation and services on Google Review.

For this feature to work, you must insert your Google Place ID (Click here to find your place ID)

You can also edit the requirements to send the email for Google Review, either to only send to guests that had rated you points (you can decide the points) in the First Night Stay Survey, or collect Google Review regardless of the point rated by the guest.

Your guests’ reviews will then be recorded in the system so that you could always refer back and even download an Excel sheet of the comments for your reference and use.

Turn on this feature now and start collecting reviews for your premise!

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