4 Softinn Tools to Leverage Your Homestay & Hotel Business

Running a homestay or a hotel business is not easy. It’s highly competitive and to stand out from your competition will require you to provide outstanding guest experience.

In this post, we’ll talk about how you can make use of Softinn tools to help put you at the forefront and take your hotel and homestay business to a higher level.

P/S: All these tools can be found in Softinn Extranet Marketplace

The Promo Code System

Picture Credit: One Avenue Hotel

We have been continuously advocating our promo code system for our hotel and homestay merchants simply because it is a powerful tool to make use of! Softinn Promo Code system allows hotels and homestays to run effective promo code campaigns like Lazada.

For hoteliers, promo codes are a good digital marketing tool. It can be used to create unique offers to different customer segments. Promo codes can be distribute via social media, emails and printed materials. This is not limited to hotels but also applicable to homestay businesses.

With Softinn Promo Code System, you can create unique offers and digital marketing campaigns for each target customer segments – family, business, group travels, etc. You can also control the usage of your promo codes through a promo code system that support rules.

The Upselling Module

A feature released in mid year 2019, upselling module allows hotel and homestay businesses to provide add-on services in Softinn Booking Engine for customers to book.

With this feature, you can define your add on type; if it is a general add-on like a pick-up service or tour package or it is per room night basis such as breakfast or extra bed. Once you have set up this feature, your guests will be able to see your add-on options after they have reached the payment page.

You will also get to have a record of the add-on requests. With this, you will actually be able to monitor which add-on service that you offer is more popular among your guests.

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The QR Code Generator

In Softinn Marketplace, you will find a tool to create a QR code for your property listing. This means that when guest scans it, they will be directed to your Softinn booking engine to make a booking.

Recently, we have updated our Promo Code System to include a QR code function. If you create a promo code for your guest, you may also generate a QR code which when scanned, it will direct your guest to your booking engine that has auto-applied promo code.

You can place the QR code for your ongoing promotion at your establishment as one of the ways to motivate your customer to come back.

The Smart Review System

Getting a feedback from the guests is important because through feedback you will know your areas of improvement. Not just that, it will also contribute to a good guest experience because it is personalized and it shows that you care.

Our Smart Review System is divided into two parts, a survey sent on the first night of guest’s stay and collect Google Review a day after guest has checked out.

For this feature to work, you must insert your Google Place ID (Click here to find your place ID)

Start using these tools for your homestay and hotel businesses. If you need any help in setting up the tools, you may go to our Knowledge Base or chat with our Support Team.

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