Softinn Product Update 2023-11-21 — v4.7.4

Unveiling Version 4.7.4 – Enhancing Folio Functionality and PMS User Experience

We’re excited to introduce Version 4.7.4, a release that focuses on enhancing the user experience within the Property Management System (PMS). Let’s dive into the key highlight:

PMS Folio Show Disabled Void Button – Empowering User Control

Enhancing User Experience within the PMS

A user-friendly enhancement within the Property Management System:

  • Always Display Void Payment Button: The Void Payment button will now always be displayed in the PMS Folio.
  • Intelligent Disablement: The button will be disabled under certain conditions:
    • A receipt has been generated
    • The user does not have access to void payments
    • The transaction has already been voided
  • Informative Tooltip: Hover over the disabled button to reveal a tooltip explaining why it is disabled, providing users with clear and transparent information.

For more information on Voiding Payments on PMS Guest Folio, please refer to the following Knowledge Base post:

How to Void Transaction When Your FO Posted Payment to a Wrong Payment Account in Guest Folio

We value your partnership as we continue to refine and innovate our hotel management solutions.

Thank you for choosing Softinn as your trusted hotel management software.

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