How to Void Transaction When Your FO Posted Payment to a Wrong Payment Account in Guest Folio?

Hello Softinn PMS user!

Your Front Officer (FO) is checking out a guest and performing a security deposit refund to the guest.

The security deposit was collected by “Cash” during check-in, but when your FO performs a refund to the guest upon check-out she mistakenly chosen refund by “Credit Card”

Check this video out to learn how to Void a Transaction when your FO mistakenly posted a payment amount or posted to a wrong payment account in guest folio :

Steps to Void Transaction when Your FO Posted Payment to a Wrong Payment Account in Guest Folio:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Login to Softinn PMS

Step 2 : Select the correct property

Step 3 : Click “Reservation

Step 4 : Click “Option Button” and click ‘View Folio’ for the respective reservation

Step 5 : On Guest Folio, click “Security Deposit” tab

Step 6 : To void the transaction click “Void” button

  • Note : Only those with “Void transaction” access would be able to void the transaction.

Step 7 : Insert the Remarks for the Void transaction

Step 8 : Once done, click “Void Transaction

Step 9 : Proceed to click “Refund” to re-record the refund transaction again

  • Insert the refund amount
  • Select the correct Payment Method and Payment Account
  • Once done, click “Add Refund” button


  • Enable “Show reversed and voided transactions” to view the voided transaction that you’ve done previously
  • The system will capture the voided transaction following the transaction date for audit tracking purposes
  • Click “View Activity Log” button to view ‘Who-Did-What-at-When’ for the changes in the guest folio
  • All payment transactions including that voided transaction will be recorded in Collection Summary Report

Steps to Grant Access for Void Transactions :

Follow the guidelines below:

Not every role in your hotel has the access to void a payment transaction. It is up to the hotel owner/supervisor to grant access to his internal team to “Void” the transaction.

Step 1 : To grant the access, go to Softinn Extranet

Step 2 : Click “MORE” and click “Manage User

Step 3 : Click “Manage Role

Step 4 : Select the role that you want to grant the access for “Void” transaction

Step 5 : Go to PMS section and tick “Void Transactions

Step 6 : Click “Save Changes

Hope this video helps you in understanding how to void a payment transaction when your FO mistakenly posted a wrong payment transaction in guest folio 🙂

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