How to Swap Room between 2 Reservations on PMS Calendar Page

Hello Softinn PMS user. From the PMS Calendar page, you are able to swap the room of a reservation with another reservation.  Note: A reservation cannot be swapped with an allocation other than reservation. Scenario : Alif requests to swap his room with his friend -Mike. Currently, Alif stays at Deluxe Room while […]

Drag-and-Drop feature on PMS Calendar Page

Hello Softinn PMS user. We have made managing a reservation and maintenance allocation in the PMS Calendar page easier and faster.  Now, on the PMS Calendar page, you are able to just Drag-and-Drop to :  Move the reservation to another room Swap the room with another reservation Extend or shorten […]

Tax Mapping for Channel Manager

Hello  Softinn PMS users! This guide is applicable to the :   Softinn Channel Manager users and  Softinn PMS users who are using Siteminder and Staah Channel Manager In this video, you will find out how to do tax mapping for Channel Manager.  With the tax mapping setup, reservations that are pushed […]

Manage Hotel Calendar in Softinn Extranet & PMS

Hello Softinn subscribers! If you are using both our Booking Engine Extranet  & PMS, this video is for you. If you turn on the auto-sync between the PMS and Extranet, when a reservation was received either in Booking Engine or PMS the room inventory will be auto-synced and updated between […]