Tax Mapping for Channel Manager

Hello  Softinn PMS users! This guide is applicable to the :   Softinn Channel Manager users and  Softinn PMS users who are using Siteminder Channel Manager. In this video, you will find out how to do tax mapping for Channel Manager.  After you have done this setup, the future reservation that is […]

How to do Channel Mapping and Room Mapping for

Hello Softinn PMS¬†user & Softinn Channel Manager subscriber! After the¬†setup the Room Type & Rate Plan¬†completed, you can proceed with the Channel Mapping and Room Mapping in Softinn PMS. Before you start to map Softinn Channel Manager to OTAs, please make sure that you have : Completed¬†setup the Room Type […]

Guest Report by State & Country in Softinn PMS

Hello¬†¬†Softinn PMS¬†¬†users! As a hotel manager, you may be interested to know the total no. of guests served in a month or a year by their state and country of residence. You can get this piece of information from the Guest Report By State & Country Occupancy in Softinn PMS. […]

Customize Hotel’s Privacy Policy on Softinn Extranet

Hello¬†Softinn Extranet¬†user! This setting is only available for Softinn’s subscribers who choose “Collect by You”¬†or¬†“Collect by You (using payment gateway)” ONLY. Your Hotel would like to use your own Hotel’s privacy policy on your Hotel booking engine. In Softinn Extranet,¬†you can customize the privacy policy for your booking engine : […]