How to Make a Booking from Softinn Hotel Booking Engine (BE)

Hello Softinn Booking Engine users!

Imagine that you want to make a booking for the check-in date on 24 January for a 2-night stay in a hotel.

Let’s check out this video to find out how to make a booking from Softinn Hotel Booking Engine (BE).

How to Make a Booking from Softinn Hotel Booking Engine

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Select the Check-in and Check-out date

Step 2 : Choose the number of guests and click on the ‘Check Price

Step 3 : Choose the preferred room type

  • The ‘people’ icon shows the maximum number of guests allowed for each room type
  • The larger people icon represents the maximum number of adults while the smaller one represents the maximum number of children allowed.

Step 4 : Click on ‘View Rates’ to view the type of rates plan available

  • Click on the ‘Cancellation Policy‘ to read the cancellation policy for each rates plan.
  • Note : Not all rates plans have the same cancellation policy. Make sure you read and understand the policy before you proceed with the booking.

Step 5 : Add more rooms by clicking the ‘+’ sign beside the ‘bed’ icon, subject to the availability of the room.

Step 6 : Select ‘Book Room

  • The room will appear in the booking summary on the right side of the page.
  • The additional charges will be shown clearly after the subtotal
  • Note : The amount for ‘To be collected upon check-in’ means that you will only pay for the additional charges at the hotel upon check-in.

Step 7 : Click ’Apply promo code’ if you have any promo code to apply

Step 8 : Click ‘Continue

  • The important notes by the hotel will pop up in a pop-up box, if any.
  • The promotion by the hotel will be auto-applied, if any.

Step 9 : Fill in the details correctly

  • Note : The total pax should not exceed the maximum pax. The host / front desk officer reserves the right to deny your check-in upon your arrival if the number of guests exceeds the maximum allowed.

Step 10 : Leave any remarks or request, if any

Step 11 : Tick the box after you have read and understand the Privacy Policy and Cancellation Policy

Step 12 : Make payment in 15 minutes.

  • After you have make a payment, you will receive a Paid email notification with the booking ticket attached to it.

Let’s start to make a booking and have a pleasant stay! 🙂

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