Getting Started Guide: Softinn Extranet

Hello Softinn Extranet users. Thank you for subscribing to Softinn Smart Booking Engine! 🙂 

In Softinn Extranet, you are able to add, update, and manage your property’s details as such; Property Overview, Photos & Policy,  Room type, Allotments, and Room Rates, Calendar & Availability, Payment Collection settings, Promotion settings, Up-sell widgets and many more.

We have compiled this 1-page Getting Started Guide helping you to navigate around Softinn Extranet to manage your property. Let’s bookmark this guide & let’s get started 🙂

Section 1: Account Setup









Section 2: All About Room Type & Allotment


Section 3: All About Price




Section 4: All about Calendar & Availability



Section 5: Payment Gateway






Section 6: Tips to Increase Booking





Section 7: Discount & Promo Code





Section 8: About Booking List








Section 9: Report & Payment




Hope this guideline helps on how you can setup and manage your property on Softinn Extranet! 🙂

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