How Hotel Handle Booking Cancellation & Modification Request during Covid-19

In this Covid-19 pandemic,  as a hotelier you might receive many booking cancellation requests from your guest. High refund will very likely affect your hotel cash flows. Question: What a hotel could do in handling booking cancellation request during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Here’s one of the suggestions from Softinn:
Instead of offering a refund,  hotel could consider offering a cash voucher to the affected guests. The cash voucher value is equivalent to the booking sum paid by the guest.

To create a trackable Cash Voucher, hotel can create that using Softinn Promo Code System in Softinn Extranet. Hotel can generate a unique voucher code and set for private use for each of your affected guests. Best still, you can track the usage of the generated voucher in Softinn system.

If you believe in this alternative than giving cash refund, below a suggested flowchart (as a reference) on the process of handling the booking cancellation & modification request during Covid-19 using Cash Voucher:

Now, let say your Hotel has provided the cash voucher to the affected guests instead of cash refund. When the situation gets better, your guest would like to proceed to make a new booking using the given cash voucher.

To properly advise your hotel guest, let’s check out the flowchart below to know the process on how a guest could make a new booking using the given Cash Voucher:

Important Notes:

We hope Hotel would find this suggestion / alternative useful. Together we pull through this difficult time caused by the Pandemic.

(Disclaimer: This is purely a suggestion from Softinn. We do not enforce this. The cancellation decision is still remain within the hotel and its hotel policies)

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