Chargeback Case Handling Flowchart for Softinn Subscriber (using 3rd Party Payment Gateway)

Credit card fraud which subsequently leads to chargeback case would be a risk to you when you accept booking payment to be made using credit card. Yet, as credit card penetration rate is increasing, if your hotel or property booking system did not allow your guest to pay using credit card you will find yourself soon to be losing out.

However, if you are accepting credit card, we can’t escaping from having chargeback case. Here in Softinn, we would like to share with you some tips in dealing with chargeback case.

This article serves as a proposed guideline to Softinn Subscribers in handling chargeback case, AND,
This is ONLY applicable to Softinn’s subscribers who select “Collected by You Using Payment Gateway” on Softinn Extranet as their booking payment collection method.

Let’s check out the flowchart below.

Additional Notes:

Prevention is always better than cure. There are a few prevention steps you (as a hotel or property owner) may consider practicing, but not limited to, as below:

  1. Upon receiving booking made by credit card, cross check guest name appear on booking voucher and the credit card cardholder name appear on payment gateway dashboard must be the same.
  2. If the name at step (1) differs, clarify with the guest and inform guest to bring along the credit card upon check-in for verification.
  3. Upon guest check-in, collect a copy of guest ID / passport AND verify the credit card used during booking stage.
  4. Also, if possible, get the guest to sign on a sign-in sheet.
  5. If possible, have a clear CCTV on premise around hotel front desk.

If you are practicing the above prevention steps, you shall be having sufficient evidence when there is a chargeback case raised. You would also be very likely in winning the case too.


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