Getting Started Guide: Content Management System (CMS)

Hello Hotelier. Thank you for subscribing to Softinn Content Management System (CMS)! 🙂

Softinn CMS allows you to create, manage, and modify the content of your website without needed much IT & technical knowledge. In Softinn CMS, you would be able to update your Hotel photos, add & edit ongoing promotion, create a blog, popup box, custom scripts, and many more.

We have compiled this 1-page Getting Started Guide helping you to navigate around Softinn CMS to manage your Hotel website. Let’s bookmark this guide & let’s get started 🙂

 Section 1 : Login


Section 2 : About Room
Section 3 : About Promotion


Section 4 : Guest Testimonial
Section 5 : About Photo
Section 6 : Tour Package, Meeting & Event Package, and Attraction



Section 7 : Blog 


Section 8 : Popup box
Section 9 : Custom Script


Hope this guideline helps you in navigating over Softinn CMS  ! 🙂

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