How to Edit Room Type and Description Info to Your Hotel Website Using CMS

Hello Softinn CMS user. Do you have a room type to be edited on your hotel website? Yes? Do it using our Softinn CMS! You can edit the description, full description and cover photo of your Room Type using CMS. You can also sort how your Room Types arrangement on your hotel website will appear when you use CMS! 

These changes will be automatically synchronised with the Room info on Softinn Extranet. That means you won’t need to spend more time to also update on Extranet every time you make changes on CMS.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how you can edit room type and description to your hotel website using Softinn CMS.

Steps to Edit Room Type & Description Info to Your Hotel Website Using Softinn CMS:

Follow the guidelines below:

PART 1: Login to Softinn CMS

Step 1 : Login to Softinn Extranet:

Step 2 : Select the right property

Step 3 : Click on your email ID on the top right of the page.

Step 4 : Click “Go to CMS”.  You will be automatically logged-in to Softinn CMS.


PART 2: Edit Room Type & Description on CMS

Step 1 : Click “Room”. Here is the list of room types.  Here is a case example: Single Room has an incomplete description and is not showing in Hotel Website. 

Step 2 : On your Hotel Website, Click “All Rooms”. Only Superior King and Deluxe Room are being displayed. 

Step 3 : On CMS, click “Edit” button for Single Room.

Step 4:  Insert Room Description.

Step 5: Insert Room Full Description.

Step 6 : Click Photo Box to upload a Cover Photo for the Room. The Cover Photo will appear on “All Rooms” page and when guests make booking. The Cover Photo will NOT appear on “Single Room” page. 

Step 7 : Click “Show in Website” checkbox to display this Single Room on website.

Step 8 : Click “X” to delete any existing Bed Type.

Step 9 : Set Bed Type Name, Quantity and click “Add Bed”. 

Step 10 : Click “Save Changes”.

Step 11 : Go to hotel website to check for Single Room. Refresh the hotel website page.  Single Room is now displayed in “All Rooms” page.

Step 12: Change the order of room in website by drag & drop Room Type. 

Step 13: Click “Update Order”.

Step 14 : Refresh website and Single Room is now displayed as the first Room Type.

Step 15 : To add photo to a Room Page, refer to “How to Update Photos of Your Hotel & Services Using CMS” video. 


PART 3: Changes made on CMS causing changes on Extranet.

Step 1 : Open Softinn Extranet:

Step 2 : Select the right property.

Step 3: Click “More”.

Step 4 : Click “Manage Room”. Single Room appears with the Cover Photo uploaded on CMS. Room Name, Description and Photo follows the changes made in CMS.

We hope this helps you easily update Room Type info on your website.

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