Getting Started Guide: Softinn Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy)

Hello Softinn PMS user and Softinn Hotel Kiosk user! Thank you for subscribing to Softinn PMS  and Softinn Hotel Kiosk! 🙂

In Softinn Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy), you are able to connect your hotel hardware like room key encoder, MyKad reader, passport scanner, Vendfun vending machine, etc.

We have compiled this 1-page Getting Started Guide helping you to navigate around Softinn Hotel Kiosk to manage your property. Let’s bookmark this guide & let’s get started 🙂

CategoriesSub-Categories Module Scope & Description
Kiosk Setup






Reservation Handling


Contactless Booking




Hope this guideline helps you in navigating over Softinn Hotel Kiosk ! 🙂

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