Self-Service Check-Out Process on Softinn Hotel Kiosk

Hello Softinn guest!

Imagine that you will check out from the hotel today. The hotel is using a Self-Service Hotel Kiosk system powered by Softinn.

Since you have made full payment for your stay, you could check out by using the Self-Service Hotel Kiosk.

Check out this video to find out how to check-out by using the Self-Service Hotel Kiosk :

Steps to Check-Out on Softinn Hotel Kiosk:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : On the home screen on the Hotel Kiosk system. To check-out, click “Check-Out” button

Step 2 : Insert your room key card into the room key dispenser on the Kiosk

Step 3 : And then click on “Check-Out” button to proceed to check-out

You have successfully check-out by using the self-service Hotel Kiosk system 🙂

Let’s have a smooth and faster check-out process via a self-service Hotel Kiosk system powered by Softinn today 🙂

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