How to Make a Booking on Softinn Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy)

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Imagine that you would like to stay in a hotel. The hotel is using a Self-Service Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy) powered by Softinn. Upon arriving at the hotel lobby, there is a long queue at the hotel counter.

Check out this video to learn how to make a booking on the self-service hotel kiosk app (FATboy) powered by Softinn :

Steps to Make a Booking on Softinn Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy):

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : On the home screen on the Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy). To make a booking, click the “Walk-In” button

Step 2 : Select the number of the night that you would like to stay at Hotel

Step 3 : Choose the room type that you prefer to stay

Step 4 : Next, you shall see the room photos and the room descriptions in detailed. Click “Add to Cart” button

Step 5 : Fill in your details: Name, Phone Number, and Email. Once done, click “Next” button

Step 6 : On the Summary page, you could view your details, check-in date, and check-out date

Step 7 : Once you have verified the details, click the “Next” button

Step 8 : Then, you would need to scan your MyKad or Passport

Step 9 : In this case, let’s choose MyKad

Step 10 : Proceed to insert your MyKad to the MyKad Reader feeder. And then click on “Ok” button to start reading your MyKad

Step 11 : Once the reading is completed, you shall see your MyKad details on the screen. Click the “NEXT” button

  • Proceed to remove your MyKad from the machine

Step 12 : Subsequently, you will be directed to the payment page

  • Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy) powered by Softinn accepts payment by Credit Card, Debit Card, eWallet such as TnG, Boost, and GrabPay

Step 13 : Select the preferred payment method. In this example, I choose Debit Card

Step 14 : Bring the Debit Card near to the card terminal on the Kiosk and then pay using PayWave technology

Step 15 : Once the payment has been successfully transacted, a receipt for the payment would be generated right away and follows by the room key card.

Step 16 : Once you have collected the room key card from the Kiosk, click “OK” button to end the process

Taadaa~~ You’ve successfully made a booking using the self-service Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy) 🙂

No more queuing at the hotel is needed! Make your booking via the self-service Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy) powered by Softinn today 🙂

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