Getting Started Guide: Property Management System (PMS) for BnB Management Company

Hi BnB Management CompanyThank you for subscribing to Softinn Property Management System (PMS)! 🙂

Softinn PMS allows you to manage BnB properties that are under your management. You could use Softinn PMS in grouping your properties, creating service contract, creating reservations, handling check-in & check-out, handling housekeeping & maintenance, reporting and many more.

We have compiled this 1-page Getting Started Guide helping you to navigate around Softinn PMS to manage your BnB properties. Let’s bookmark this guide & let’s get started 🙂

Categories Sub-Categories Module Scope & Description
PMS Setup






















General Setup









Room Setup






Invoice, Folio, & Form Design Setup










Rates Plan





PMS Reservations















































Overview & PMS Dates Definition




Create Reservation






Check-In & Check-Out






Edit Reservation





Cancel a Reservation


Booking Received from Softinn Booking Engine







Booking Received from OTAs









Reinstate a Reservation



Group Reservation











Guest Folio





















Guest Folio Transaction








Edit Guest Folio







e-Receipt & e-Invoice





Advance Deposit



PMS Reports


































Report Landing Page



Daily Reports












Manager’s Reports











Accounting Reports





Customer Details Maintenance


Housekeeping & Maintenance



















Maintenance Work Order


Lost & Found







Pre-Arrival Web Check-In







BnB Management Module


















Property Group



Service Contract





Revenue & Expenses Mapping


Property Group Report






Hope this guideline helps you in navigating over Softinn PMS ! 🙂

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