No-Show Report in Softinn PMS

Hello  Softinn PMS  users!

Your hotel manager would like to know how many “No-Show” reservations. You could view this information from No-Show Report. This report shows a list of reservations with a reservation status of No Show.

Check out this video to find out where to view No-Show Report in Softinn PMS  :

Steps to View No-Show Report in Softinn PMS:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Login to Softinn PMS

Step 2 : Select the correct property

Step 3 : Click “OTHERS” and click “REPORT

Step 4 : Click “No-Show

Step 5 : You could choose to compare the No-Show reservations by their check-in date for a single date or a date range

  • From the bar chart, you could view the number of No-Show reservations by check-in date
  • The report also provides you a table with the list of No-Show reservations that made up the report for the date that you have chosen

Step 6 : You may export the table in excel by clicking the “Excel” icon

Note :

  • No-Show Report data is generated from Check-In & Out Date
  • If a No-Show reservation is without payment, the hotel should deal with it by canceling the reservation. Once No-Shows have been dealt with, the reservations should be cancelled, and therefore it will be removed from No Show status and hence will not appear in this list

Hope this video helps you on where to view No-Show Report in Softinn PMS  🙂

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