How to Log In to Softinn PMS & What’s on Softinn PMS Dashboard

Hello Softinn PMS user! Are you new to Softinn PMS and looking forward to making use of it for your property? Yes? That’s great! Let’s learn how you can log in to Softinn PMS and explore what Softinn PMS Dashboard has to offer for you.

On Softinn PMS Dashboard, you can navigate through the main features of PMS such as managing reservations, calendars, inventory, guests, room, and generating reports. From the dashboard, you can also create a room reservation, check for room status and assign a room straightaway. Other info related to your property performance is also displayed in one single page view.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how you can log in to Softinn PMS and discover what’s on Softinn PMS Dashboard :

Steps to Log In to Softinn PMS & What’s on Softinn PMS Dashboard:

Follow the guidelines below:

PART 1: Log in to Softinn PMS

Step 1 : Log in to Softinn PMS :

Step 2 : Select the correct property

You are now logged in to Softinn PMS.

PART 2: What’s on Softinn PMS Dashboard

Your PMS Dashboard will display the following features for you to manage your property:

  1. Reservation:  To add & edit a reservation
  2. Calendar:  To view and manage the room’s calendar
  3. Inventory:  To manage room inventory so it will sync to Channel Manager. Available ONLY if you use Channel Manager (Softinn/Siteminder).
  4. Housekeeping: To manage work orders for housekeeping, inspection, and lost & found.
  5. Guests:  To view and manage your guest’s lists
  6. Room:  To assign a room to a reservation and check for room status
  7. Reports:  To view and generate relevant reports for business performance reporting
  8. Setup:  To setup your property before starting using Softinn PMS, such as Booking Source, Room Tag, Payment methods, Folio design, and many more.

From Softinn PMS  Dashboard, you can: 

  • Check the reservation newly created today, check-in today, in-house, and check-out today
  • Create a reservation (for bookings from OTA & Walk-in).
    For bookings received through Softinn BE reservation would be automatically created in PMS).
  • Check for room status and assign a room  straightaway on the PMS Dashboard
  • View where your bookings come from, the number of bookings, and the booking revenue
  • View your incoming guest’s list, checking-out guests, and current in-house guests list.

The System Message will remind you that the night audit will be done by the System at the stated time.

Let’s start using Softinn PMS now!

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