How to Setup General Settings on Softinn PMS

Hello Softinn PMS user! Before you start using PMS, let’s setup general settings for:

(i) Your Check-in/Check-out time

(ii) Your defined Weekend setting

(iii) Your Sales & Service Tax (SST) ID, if any.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how to setup general settings on Softinn PMS. 

Steps to Setup General Settings on Softinn PMS.

Follow the guidelines below:

Introduction to General Settings Page on Softinn PMS

Step 1 : Login to Softinn Extranet:

Step 2 : Select the right property

Step 3 : Click on your email ID on the top right of the page.

Step 4 : Click “Go to PMS”.  You will be automatically logged-in to Softinn PMS.

Step 5 : Click “Setup”.

Step 6 : Click “General”.  

Step 7 : Click General Settings”. You will get to the General Setting page. 

PART 1  : Setup Check-in & Check-out Time 

Step 1 : At the General Setting page, go to the “Check-in/out Time” section.

Step 2 : Define your Check-in & Check out time. 

Step 3 : Once done, ‘‘Save Changes’’.

PART 2  : Setup Weekend Settings

Step 1 : At the General Setting page, go to “Weekend Setting”. 

Step 2 :  Click on days you define as Weekend for your hotel.

Step 3 : Click “Save Changes” once done.

These Weekend settings that you defined here will be shown on the Inventory page

PART 3  : Setup Sales & Service Tax (SST) Registration ID

Step 1 : At the General Setting page, go to “Tax Registration ID”

Step 2 :  Insert your SST Registration ID.

Step 3 : Click “Save Changes”. Your SST Registration ID will be shown on the letterhead of your hotel’s Receipt & Invoice.

Hope this helps you to set General Settings for your Hotel 🙂

P/S: If your hotel collects a Refundable Security Deposit from guests upon check-in, you can set your refundable security deposit setting at the “System Setting” in your PMS account. From there, you can set the amount of the refundable security deposit (SD) as well as the default payment method used in the SD collection.

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