Introduction to Pre-Arrival Web Check-In Service offered by Softinn PMS

Hello Softinn PMS user!

This video will show the pre-arrival web check-in service in Softinn PMS.

Imagine you have a group tour that is going to check-in to your hotel. With this pre-arrival web check-in service, you could invite the tour guide to :

  1. Do self-service pre-arrival web check-in
  2. Assign their guests to the right room as they want
  3. Submit their guest travel documents online prior to arrival

After the guest performed the pre-arrival web check-in steps, you could verify their documents and add the guest to the room in Softinn PMS.

Check out this video to get an overview idea about Pre-Arrival Web Check-In Service in  Softinn PMS  πŸ™‚

Introduction to Pre-Arrival Web Check-In Service in Softinn PMS:

With the pre-arrival web check-in service, here are the features and functions:

  1. You could do the pre-arrival web check-in service setup
    • You could set up the maximum number of hours you allow your guest to do pre-arrival web check-in prior to their check-in date
    • You could set up what are the required travel documents to be submitted by your guest on the web check-in process
    • NOTE: By Default, only Lodge Owner has the access to update the Pre-Arrival Check-In Setup
  2. You could initiate a pre-arrival web check-in email invitation to your guest
    • Before guest could perform do pre-arrival web check-in process, the hotel needs to send the pre-arrival web check-in email to the guest first
    • On the Reservations List page, click on the “Mail” icon to send the email to this guest
      NOTE: Make sure you have the email address for guest in guest details
  3. Guest could perform pre-arrival web check-in process
    • Guest could insert the room guest name and assign the room type to the guest
    • Guest could attach the travel documents prior to their arrival
  4. You could verify pre-arrival check-ins documents & update guest reservations
    • On the Reservation Pre-Arrival Check-In page, Hotel Front Desk Officer could perform verification on the pre-arrival check-ins documents submitted by your guest
    • You would also see the room guest name and the travel documents, as well as which room the guest was assigned to stay
    • NOTE: By Default, only Lodge Owner has the access to verify the Pre-Arrival Check-Ins documents verification page.

Proudly brought to you the Pre-Arrival Web Check-In Service by Softinn, especially for your Group Tour reservations πŸ™‚

Start using it today  πŸ™‚

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