How Guest Perform Pre-Arrival Web Check-In Service

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Check out this video to learn how to perform pre-arrival web check-in service upon receiving the email invitation sent by the Hotel.

Steps to Perform Pre-Arrival Web Check-In Service :

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : To proceed to pre-arrival web check-in, check your email invitation sent by the hotel to you

Step 2 : In that email, there will be your details, check-in date, reservation code / OTA code, and the date & time you are allowed to start doing the web check-in

Step 3 : From the Pre-Arrival Web Check-In email, you would need to click on the URL link in the email to do pre-arrival web check-in

Step 4 : To start the web check-in, click “Start Check-In

Step 5 : Choose the check-in date and insert the last 6 digits of your reservation code. Click “Search” button

Step 6 : For validation purposes, you need to choose the right Reservation Code and right name who made the booking

Step 7 : Verified all the details. Once done, click “Proceed” button

Step 8 : Next, you need to provide the contact details easier for Hotel to contact you later for documents verification purposes if any

Step 9 : Click “Submit” button

Step 10 : Next, proceed to choose the room and insert the room guest name who is going to stay in that room

Step 11 : Click “Click to Upload” link to upload the room guest’s travel documents including IC or Passport

Step 12 : Click “Add Guest” button

Step 13 : Click “Next” button

Step 14 : Verify the details & docs and click “Confirm & Submit” button once confirmed

You have successfully completed the pre-arrival web check-in.

Step 15 : Once submitted, check your email to get your reservation Pre-Arrival Check-In Confirmation

Go contactless & reduce queuing time at the hotel front desk by doing pre-arrival web check-in service 🙂

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