Softinn Product Update 2023-11-14 — v4.7.3

Unveiling Version 4.7.3 – Streamlined Room Management in Softinn Extranet and PMS Guest Folio Experience

We’re excited to bring you the latest update, Version 4.7.3, packed with enhanced features designed to make room management and guest folio interactions even more intuitive and efficient.

Add/Edit Room Type Process – Elevating Room Management

A New and Improved UI for Extranet Manage Room Page

Introducing a revamped process for adding and editing room types:

  • New UI Design: We’ve overhauled the Add/Edit Room process on the Extranet Manage Room page, providing a fresh and user-friendly interface. Navigating through room management has never been more intuitive.
  • Automatic Mapping: Say goodbye to manual mapping! The system now automatically maps the room to both the Booking Engine (BE) and Property Management System (PMS) Rate Plan, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.
  • Post-Process Guidance: Upon completion of the Add/Edit process, the system presents a checklist of actions for further customization:
    • Activate the mapped rate plan
    • Map to other rate plans
    • Create another room
    • Go to BE Inventory
    • Create Room Numbers on PMS
    • Set up the room on Softinn CMS

This streamlined process empowers you to manage your rooms more efficiently and with greater flexibility.

For more information on Adding and Editing room types in Extranet, you can refer to the following Knowledge Base post:

How to Add New Room Type on Softinn Extranet

Guest Folio UI Update – Simplifying Transaction Management

Reimagining the Guest Folio Experience

Enhancements to the Guest Folio user interface for seamless interaction:

  • Transaction Tab Reorganization: We’ve moved the Add Charge, Add Payment, and Refund buttons to a more accessible location within the Folio Transactions tab. This reorganization simplifies the process of managing charges and payments for each guest.
  • Security Deposit Tab Enhancement: For a more streamlined experience, we’ve also relocated the Collect and Refund Security Deposit buttons within the Security Deposit tab of the Guest Folio. This ensures that security deposit management is effortlessly integrated into your workflow.

For more information on Collecting and Refunding Security Deposits, please refer to the following Knowledge Base post:

How to Record Security Deposit and Refund Security Deposit in Guest Folio

We appreciate your continued partnership as we strive to deliver the best tools for your hotel management needs.

Thank you for choosing Softinn as your trusted hotel management solution.

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