How To Create A Promo Code: Weekdays Promotion

Below is the example for creating a “Weekdays Promotion”


Step 1: Choose the issuer.

Step 2: Choose the status.

Step 3: Write the name for Promotion. Example: “Weekdays Promotion”.

Step 4: Write the description. Example: “Weekdays Promotion. Buy at least two nights on weekdays to get promotion”.

Step 5: Write the Promotion Prefix. Example: “WDPROMO”.

Step 6: Write the discount amount. Example: “20%”.

Step 7: Write the Total Quantity. Example: “100”.

Step 8: Choose the date to start the promotion.

Step 9: Choose the check in duration.

Step 10: Choose the minimum nights. Example: “2”

Step 11: Choose the maximum nights. Example: “4”

Step 12: Choose the Days. Example: “Monday to Thursday”

For More In-Depth explanation about the sections above, click here.

Sample result after customer enter the Promo Code:


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