How To Create A Promo Code In Softinn Extranet

Softinn Extranet have added a new feature called “Promo Code”.

It gives the option to all Softinn merchants to create the promo codes. Follow the easy steps to create your own promo code.

Step 1. Sign in to your Softinn Extranet account and go to “MORE” at the top. Choose “SELL” from the drop down menu.


Step 2. Find the “Generate and Manage Your Promotional Codes” and click on “Start Engage” at the lower right.


Step 3. It will show a list of promotion code that you create. (If this is your first time using, it will be blank)


Step 4. Click on “Add New Promotion” at the top right corner.


Step 5. Fill in the detail.


Explanation for all

  1. Issuer: Which party create the promo code, example “Merchant”.
  2. Status: The promo code that you create is “Active” or “InActive”.
  3. Name: Give a name for the promotion, example “Mother’s Day Promotion”
  4. Description: Descript about the promotion. (This is optional)
  5. Promotion Prefix: The Promo Code for customer to key in Softinn system when they book to give them discount. Example: RM50OFF
  6. Discount: There are 2 options: Discount (%) or Rate ($).
  7. Total Quantity: How many times the Promo Code can be use.
  8. Promotion start from: When can the Promo Code can be use (for the discount). Promo Code will not be able to give discount if customer did not book within the range of the date set here.
  9. Allow check-in Form: The date the customer is allow to check in to the hotel or homestay. Example: If date is from 1st Jan to 31st Jan. Customers who book your hotel is only allow to check in from 1st Jan to 31st Jan..
  10. Minimum Booking Fees: What is the minimum fees to active the promotion.
  11. Minimum Booking Nights: What is the minimum days to active the promotion.
  12. Maximum Booking Nights: What is the maximum days to stop the promotion.
  13. Eligible Room types: Hotel owners can specify which room have promotion. If all room types are eligible for promotion then select all room type.
  14. Eligible Day: Merchants are able to specify a specific date for the Promo Code only. For example for only Labour Day.
  15. Apply Public Holiday: If within the promotion there’s holiday, do you want holiday to be include in the promotion?
  16. Apply Discounted Rates: Do you still want to apply the rate if there’s already a promotion on a certain date? Means customer get to enjoy 2 promotions.

Step 6. Remember to save changes after all the information has been entered correctly.



Promotion Examples That Can Be Run By Merchant

  1. Mother’s Day Promotion
  2. Weekdays Buy 2 Nights Free 1 Night Promotion
  3. All Year Long Pass
  4. All Year Long Family Room Pass
  5. Weekdays Promotion

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