Softinn Product Update 2023-12-05 — v4.7.6

Introducing Version 4.7.6 – Enhanced Reporting with Additional Filters We’re excited to announce the latest update, Version 4.7.6, bringing a significant enhancement to our reporting capabilities. This release introduces additional filters for key reports, providing you with more flexibility and control over your data analysis. Additional Filters for PMS Revenue […]

Softinn Product Update 2023-11-21 — v4.7.4

Unveiling Version 4.7.4 – Enhancing Folio Functionality and PMS User Experience We’re excited to introduce Version 4.7.4, a release that focuses on enhancing the user experience within the Property Management System (PMS). Let’s dive into the key highlight: PMS Folio Show Disabled Void Button – Empowering User Control Enhancing User […]

Softinn Product Update 2023-11-14 — v4.7.3

Unveiling Version 4.7.3 – Streamlined Room Management in Softinn Extranet and PMS Guest Folio Experience We’re excited to bring you the latest update, Version 4.7.3, packed with enhanced features designed to make room management and guest folio interactions even more intuitive and efficient. Add/Edit Room Type Process – Elevating Room […]

Softinn Product Update 2023-10-10 — v4.7.0

Unveiling Version 4.6.3: BE Max Guest Control and Data Snapshot Enhancements We’re thrilled to announce the latest update to our hotel management SaaS products with the release of version 4.6.3. This update brings exciting features designed to give our Extranet users more control. BE Max Guest Control – Tailoring Booking […]

Softinn Product Update 2023-10-24 — v4.7.1

Unveiling Version 4.7.1: Enhancements for Smoother Operations We’re excited to announce the automatic update of our web-based SaaS hotel management software to Version 4.7.1. Packed with impactful features and improvements, this update is geared towards refining your experience and elevating the efficiency of your operations. Main Contact’s Nationality & Passport […]