Softinn Product Update – 2023-08-22 – v4.5.2

In version 4.5.2, we introduced the ability to auto-reverse room charges on reservation cancellation for PMS reservations. The other improvement we included in this release is the date display on PMS invoices.

Onto the new feature we introduced in this update, the ability to reverse room charges on reservation cancellation for PMS reservations. Here is a preview of the cancellation popup window. We added a new option to reverse the room charges. By selecting “Yes” here, the room charges in the reservation will be automatically reversed once the cancellation is completed. FYI, by default, “Yes” is checked.

In the guest folio, the display will look like this once the reservation has been canceled:

As you can see, the room charge for the reservation has been reversed. The additional charge, however, needs to be reversed by the user manually. We hope that this new feature will be of use to our PMS users.

For more information on Cancelling Reservations, please refer to our Knowledge Base post here:

How to Cancel A Reservation in PMS – Softinn Knowledge Base (

The next change we introduced in this update is the charge date display in PMS invoices. We changed the date column in the invoice to the folio applicable charge date. After changing the date column to use the folio applicable charge date, this is how the list looks like now:

As you can see, the charge date now reflects the applicable date for its corresponding charge. We hope that this change proves to be useful to you.

For more information on generating and sending Invoices, you can refer to our Knowledge Base post here:

How to Send Guest e-Receipts and e-Invoices in email from Guest Folio

That is all for this update. We hope our products help you serve your guests better, and if you face any issues after this update, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance.

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