PMS Add Payment to Group Reservation

Softinn Product Update – 2023-05-16 – v4.2.0

This version brings an exciting major update for our PMS users. The features released in this version aim to ease your daily operations and provide better functionalities to the Frontdesk Office. From the updates on the PMS Room Profile page to bulk-adding payments to group reservations, we are very excited to release this version.

We have updated the PMS Room Profile page. You can now easily know which guests were/are using a specific room at a given time in the Room History section. You can also search the room history using the main contact or guests’ names.

Room History on PMS Room Profile page

This will be helpful to audit room usage and checking the trails. You can trace the reservation that was checked in and due out at a specific time on this page.

The next feature we want to highlight is the expansion of the PMS bulk action features. The purpose of this is to allow you, our PMS users, to clear guest folio balance, add payment, and collect security deposit easily on the PMS Manage Group Reservations page. One of the pain points when handling group reservations is updating the guest folio. Previously, you will need to go to every guest folio in the group reservation to clear the folio balance, add a payment or collect the security deposit. Now, you can do that easily.

Clear Folio Balance on PMS Manage Group Reservations

The expansion of the bulk actions includes the following

You can learn more about this new feature on this post: Overview of Bulk Payment Action for Group Reservation in Softinn PMS.

If you face any problems in using our products after this update, please refer to the guidelines we have provided. You can also reach out to our team for further assistance.

Please feel free to share with us your thoughts and comments. We value them greatly.

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