Overview of Bulk Payment Action for Group Reservation in Softinn PMS

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You can now perform bulk payment action for group reservation in Softinn PMS

Let’s check out this video to have an overview about clearing folio balance, adding bulk payment, and collecting refundable security deposit for group reservation in Softinn PMS :

Bulk Payment Actions for Group Reservation:

  1. Clear Folio Balance of a group reservation from the Manage Group Reservations page.
    • When you would like to clear the whole folio balance of a group reservation, you can go for this quick option and then select the respective payment account and/or Use Advance Deposit, if any, at once.
  2. Use Add Bulk Payment function from the Manage Group Reservations page.
    • Alternatively, if you received any payment for a group reservation, you could use Add Bulk Payment function from the Manage Group Reservations page.
    • With Bulk Payment function, system will help to automatically distribute the payment amount across the rooms with folio balance.
    • You could choose to add the bulk payment for all rooms, selected rooms, or all rooms except certain rooms of a group reservation.
    • If the group reservation has an Advance Deposit balance, you are able to toggle the “Use Advance Deposit” button to apply the advance deposit balance accordingly. 
    • You could “Overwrite paid amount” to make changes to the payment amount distribution as you preferred. 
  3. Record a refundable security deposit in bulk from Manage Group Reservations page.
    • If your hotel has set up the security deposit that needs to be collected on the General Settings page, you shall see a note on the left side of the Bulk Collect Security Deposit pop-up window.
      Hence, it serves as a reference to you when you would like to key in the security deposit.
    • Then, you could click on Default and system will auto insert the default security deposit amount
    • You have the option to insert the total amount of refundable security deposit collected, and the system will help to distribute the amount equally across the rooms of a group reservation.
    • Alternatively, you could insert the amount per room and tick the “Amount per room” option.

With bulk payment functions to Group reservation, we believe that it will be helpful and efficient to your hotel front office operation. 🙂

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