How to Import Your Calendar from AirBnB,, Agoda, OTAs using iCal to Softinn Extranet

What is iCal?

iCal or iCalendar is a computer file format that store calendar related information like your upcoming meeting dates, your sons birthday, important reminders, etc. iCal is supported by a variety number of products including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook.

The best usage of iCal is dynamic calendar merging as it allows your very own calendar data to be synced to a product that supports iCal and you can configure your own calendar for an event submission. For example, you may export all your upcoming meetings reminder that is stored on your phone to Outlook by passing the generated iCal file.


Read more about the history of iCalendar (iCal)


iCal Usage in Hospitality (Vacation Rental / Homestay / BnB)

In the hospitality industry, iCal is also used as a way to sync booking calendar between Online Travel Agencies (e.g. Agoda,, AirBnB, etc). In hospitality, similar to how iCal is used to record meeting events on your personal Google Calendar, iCal is used to store guest bookings on the property’s calendar. One iCal record will be created for each bookings and be added to the property’s calendar.


Why iCal Works for Vacation Rental BUT NOT for Hotel (yet)?

iCal works very well with vacation rental / homestay / BnB because of its sync capability BUT it has its limitation when it comes to handling many rooms. iCal required a calendar for each lodge unit. In the context of hotel, for example, a hotel that has 30 units of Standard Room required to manage 30 calendars. On top of that, for it to work, the hotel reservation system is required to consolidate 30 calendars before showing the availability of Standard Room on the online reservation system. To the date of writing (2017-07-21), we are not aware of any hotel reservation system that does so.


Softinn iCal Support

With the latest updates dated 15.May.2016, Softinn Extranet is now supporting iCal calendar import from,, Agoda and any OTAs that support iCal.

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Below are the steps needed to import your iCal calendar from and

The steps required can be divided into two main activities
A) Source: Getting the iCal link (from the source)
B) Destination: Saving the iCal link in Softinn Extranet (to the destination)

NOTE: The above steps mentions is an one-way calendar sync (from source to destination). For a complete calendar sync between two platforms (two-ways), repeat the same steps mentioned above BUT swapping the source the destination.


A) Source: Getting the iCal link from the source

The steps to get the iCal link varied between OTAs, below are the step-by-steps guides provided by each OTAs to copy the iCal link.


B) Destination: Saving the iCal to Softinn Extranet

So now you have the iCal from the source. Follow the steps below to import them to Softinn Extranet.

1. Head to Softinn Extranet > Calendar.

2. Click on the ‘Import Calendar (iCal)‘ green color button and paste the iCal link. (Refer to pic below)

3. Once saved, your calendar will automatically be imported and sync.


Export iCal from Google Calendar

If you manage your calendar using Google Calendar, you may refer to the steps below to create a booking as well as exporting the iCal link.

1. By using Goggle Calendar, click on the icon then select “Setting” (Refer pic below)


For instance, Google calendar provides the iCal feature. If you have an event happening on that date such as a new guest checking in on the 8th of June, you may use that date to block a specific date in your Softinn Extranet calendar.

2. From General, click on “Calendars”. Once you are in the page, click on NAME under Calendar section. (Refer pic below)


3. Once you are in the calendar detail page, click “Share this Calendar” (Refer pic below)


4. Click on the checkbox to enable sharing iCal to public (Refer pic below)


5. Head to the ‘Calendar Details Page’ and click on the ICAL button to copy the link provided.


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