How to View Your Payout Report

In case you are not aware, Softinn performs payout twice a month (on every 13th and 27th of each month) based upon guest check out and will automatically bank in to your registered bank account. Usually, the payout will take about 3-5 days to process.

1. Log into our Softinn Extranet System (, you will be taken to the “Dashboard”.


2. Click the “More” button above and then “Payment”.


3. You’ll be shown out the draft report of First and Second payout.


How to Update Number of Available Room

1. Log into our Softinn Extranet System. ( You will be taken to our “Dashboard”.


2. Click on “Calendar” on top of the page.


3. It will lead you to “Calendar”, then choose the room type which you wish to update its number of availability.


4. At the table below your calendar, choose the date that you wish to update the number of available room by clicking on the “Edit Button” (circled in red).


5. The edit form will then pop up for you to key in the details. Fill in the “Unit” which you want to allocate and “Rate” for that particular date.  After that, click on “Save changes” and you are done.capture