Softinn Product Update 2023-09-26 — v4.6.2

We’re thrilled to share an exciting enhancement in our upcoming release, Booking Engine v4.6.2, designed to further elevate the accuracy of your pricing on Google FBL (Free Booking Links). In response to your feedback and our commitment to excellence, we are introducing a valuable addition to the room type panel – promotion details.

What’s New?

The focal point of this update is our Booking Engine, the beating heart of your online reservations. In our continuous efforts to refine your user experience and ensure top-notch accuracy on Google FBL, we are introducing promotion details directly within the room type panel.

Understanding the Need

In the ever-evolving landscape of online bookings, maintaining precision in pricing is paramount. Google FBL is a crucial channel for many of our users, and we understand the importance of presenting the right promotion details to potential guests. With this update, we’re making it easier for you to manage and display your promotions effectively.

How it Works

Starting with v4.6.2, when you navigate to the room type panel associated with a promotion on Google FBL, you’ll now find a dedicated section for promotion details. This addition empowers you to review and verify the promotion information directly within the Booking Engine, ensuring seamless synchronization with your Google FBL listings.

Why It Matters

By having promotion details readily available in the Booking Engine, you can effortlessly cross-verify the information you’re presenting on Google FBL. This not only enhances your accuracy but also contributes to building trust with potential guests who rely on this information when making booking decisions.

We believe that this addition will significantly contribute to maintaining a seamless and reliable booking experience for you and your guests.

We Value Your Feedback

Your insights drive our continuous improvement. If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, our support team is always here to assist. Your success is our priority.

Thank you for choosing Softinn

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