Extranet Update: Number of Pax Confirmation

Taking the feedback from our merchants on guests not adhering to the maximum number of guests shown on merchant’s listing page, we have upgraded our booking engine to include a part in our booking form where guests are needed to input their number of pax confirmation before they can proceed to book and make payment.

This is how it will look like when a guest requests to book from you:

Guests will be prompt to enter the number of adults/children/infants that will be staying in your property. In the case that guests deny inserting the number of pax, they cannot proceed to book. This will ensure that the number of guests staying at your property does not exceed the maximum allowed.

We have also included the term “the host/front desk officer reserves the right to deny your check-in upon your arrival if the number of guests exceeds the maximum allowed”. Hence, it gives a reflection to guests not to exceed the recommended maximum number of guests allowed to stay at your property.

Once guests insert the number of guests and proceed to book, the information will also appear in the booking email. We encourage our merchants to check your email or Extranet account for the number of guests before approving a Booking Request. By doing so, you will be able to know exactly of how many guests are arriving.

What’s So Important to Include the Number of Pax?

In the mindset of guests, the room that they will be staying in is the exact same room in any situation. So why property owners bother requesting the number of pax from guests?

For property owners, the number of pax staying in a room will give a different definition. The reason behind requesting the number of pax confirmation has to do partly with amenities and partly with laws.

Consider this: You have listed only 2 guests in your room, but without knowing, 6 guests are in. What if suddenly there’s a fire breaks out? The front desk people and the fire department will only be looking for two people while the other four may lose their lives. This is what might happen if you have no confirmation of the number of guests.

Certain amenities in a hotel/homestay are available only for a number of guests.

For example, toiletries, mattresses, and towels. If a room accepts only 2 guests, that means amenities will only be prepared for 2 persons. In other words, if the number of guests exceeds the maximum allowed, some may not able to use the amenities. Some property owners do charge extra in the case that there are added amenities required by guests. As a guest, an extra charge might not be a friendly word.

Whether you own a hotel or homestay, it’s crucial that you know how many guests are arriving. Should the number of guests exceed the maximum allowed, you have the right not to approve their booking request or imply another condition.

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