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Softinn Product Update – 2023-01-17 – v3.13.0

We bring in the new year with new exciting features for Softinn Booking Engine. This includes rate plans, multiple cancellation policies and taxes.

Softinn Booking Engine, with multiple rate plans and tax breakdown

If you are using our Softinn BE, you may have already seen the changes made to your Extranet. Let’s find out what features are included in this version update.

You can now have rate plans on your Booking Engine. By default, we have created a rate plan, Best Available Rate, for you. We have also mapped your all rooms to this rate plan. If you want to add more rate plans, please contact your account manager or email us at for more information.

With rate plans, you can control your availabilities, rates, and inventories from the Inventory page. You can set the available units and rates for each room, as well as stop selling for any room. Previously these features were on separate pages. We have moved them to the Inventory page for ease of use.

We also include one of the highly requested features for our BE in this version. You can now create more than one cancellation policy. You can attach the cancellation policies to your rate plans and to any promotions that you want to run. If a guest makes a booking with a promo code, the cancellation policy attached to the promotion will be used.

Another important feature that we have added to our Booking Engine is the implementation of Tourism Tax (TTx) on Softinn BE for all properties located in Malaysia. This is in compliance with the requirements of the Royal Malaysian Customs on Digital Platform Service Providers (DPSP). Royal Malaysian Customs requires any property/accommodation type to collect TTx (refer to Q6 on FAQ) and DPSPs are liable to charge TTx for all online platform bookings (refer to Q7 on FAQ). The tax charged will only be collected upon arrival.

If you face any issues to use our product with this new update, please refer to our guidelines below.

  1. Overview of Booking Engine Inventory page 
  2. Where to Set Weekend for your Booking Engine in Softinn Extranet 
  3. Setup Rate Plan & Room Mapping for Direct Booking Engine
  4. How to Change Room Rate for a Date Range
  5. How to Change Room Rate for a Specific Date
  6. How to Block / Close one Specific Date for a Room Type
  7. How to Close a Date Range for Multiple Room Types
  8. How to Unblock Calendar to Receive Bookings
  9. Manage Hotel Calendar in Softinn Extranet & PMS (if you are Softinn BE & PMS user)
  10. How to Adjust Unit Allotment for a Specific Date
  11. Maximum Selling Unit on Softinn Extranet
  12. How to Manage Discount For Certain Dates
  13. How to Set Room / Homestay Default Rate on Softinn Extranet
  14. Where to View Public Holiday on Softinn Extranet?
  15. Where to Review & Edit Cancellation Policy on Extranet (you can add more than 1 cancellation policy now)
  16. Introduction to Softinn Promo Code System (each Promotion Campaign could attach to a cancellation policy)

You can also reach out to our team for any assistance.

From Softinn’s Product Team, we wish you the best for the year, 2023. May the year brings you good health and prosperity.

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