Setup Rate Plan & Room Mapping for Direct Booking Engine

Hello Softinn Booking Engine users. 

This video is applicable to our BE user who subscribed to Rate Plans feature as an Add-On.

Now, you can set up different rate plans for your hotel direct Booking Engine

With this, it allows you :

  • to optimise your booking sales, at the same time,
  • to give more options for the guest to choose which rate plan they want to book 

Let’s check out this video to find out more on how to set up rate plan for your Hotel Booking Engine.

Steps to Rate Plan & Room Mapping for Direct Booking Engine:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Log in to Softinn Extranet.

Step 2 : Click on the “Setup” and then “Rate Plan” to go to the Rate Plans page.

  • If you have been our BE user before Quarter 4 2022, you will find that, by default, your hotel’s existing rack rate will be auto-set as “Best Available Rate” – BAR.
  • If you are a new BE user who comes on board AFTER Quarter 4 2022, you will find “Best Available Rate” – BAR rate plan auto-created for you, BUT you will need to do the room mapping by yourselves.

Step 3 : Click on the “Add New” button to add the rate plan. 

Step 4 : You are required to define your Rate plan name and Rate plan code. Then, you may write the description of the rate plan.

Step 5 : Then, click on the Next button to go to the next step.

  • Tips : You also can click on the “View all steps” hyperlink to view the list of the steps needs to be completed to create the rate plan.

Step 6 : Next, you may choose your cancellation policy to be applied to this rate plan. 

Step 7 : After that, you can do the room type mapping. Click on the “Add More Rooms” button to start doing the room type mapping.  For the room type mapping, you can choose to map for each room type, or a bulk room type mapping.

Step 8 : Then, you can click on “Map Room Types” button to save the changes. Make sure you fill in the info for Base Rate for each room types.

Step 9 : Proceed to check on the room type mapped. After that, you could activate the room type mapping. Then, you could activate the rate plan once it’s ready for the guest to book. 

Once the rate plan is activated, it will appear on BE Inventory page.

Now, you could give more options for the guest to choose which rate plan they want to book from your Hotel BE 🙂

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