Maximum Selling Unit on Softinn Extranet

Hi Softinn Extranet & Softinn PMS user. We have made available a new feature which is the maximum selling unit for Softinn Booking Engine.

The purpose of this feature is to avoid, if not to minimize the overbooking cases happening on your Hotel direct Booking Engine.

Check out this video to find out more on how the maximum selling unit feature works on Softinn Extranet 🙂 

Maximum Selling Unit on Softinn Extranet

With the maximum selling unit on Softinn Extranet, here are how the maximum selling units works and functions:

Step 1 : Click on the ‘Inventory‘ tab.

Step 2 : To view the row for max BE selling units, you can click on the filter and tick “Maximum BE Selling Units” checkbox.

  • You would see the booking engine available unit, number of occupied room and Built Units, number of units that have been booked on Hotel direct booking engine, number of units blocked in PMS (if any), and booking engine maximum selling unit.
  1. By default, the maximum selling unit on the Extranet Inventory page will be following the default allotment to be selling on your hotel direct booking engine that you have set up on the Room Editor.

  2. The Booking Engine available unit at first will be following the maximum selling unit.
    • Whenever there is direct booking received, the booking engine remaining available unit will be adjusted accordingly.
  3. If you would like to change the maximum selling units for a single date or a date range, you can either click on the “Quick Update” button or just click on the “Green Lightning” icon next to the “Maximum BE Selling” of the Room type on the Extranet Inventory page.
    • However, we strongly advise you not to increase the maximum selling unit for any dates unless you are confident that you will not be overselling the room on your Hotel Direct Booking Engine.
  4. When your hotel receives a paid direct booking from the Hotel Booking Engine, the booking engine available unit will be automatically been reduced from the total of maximum selling units.
  5. For those Softinn Booking Engine users who are also using Softinn PMS, any walk-in reservation or maintenance allocation created in Softinn PMS will also be automatically updated to the hotel Softinn Extranet Inventory page if you turn on Sync With Softinn BE feature.

  6. When your hotel closes a room on PMS Calendar Page, the unit will be reduced from the total built unit.
  7. When your hotel creates a new walk-in reservation in Softinn PMS, the unit will be reduced from the total built unit.
    • On the Extranet Calendar page, you can see the 2 PMS Blocked. Your Booking Engine Available unit will be automatically adjusted to 2 units left.
  8. Booking Engine available units will always be automatically adjusted down when the actual unit left is lower than the booking engine remaining units.
    • The intention of this feature is to avoid or minimise overbooking to your hotel direct booking engine.

Hope this video is helpful to you in understanding how the maximum selling unit works on Softinn Extranet 🙂

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