Overview of Booking Engine Inventory page

Hello Softinn Booking Engine users. 

You can now easily manage your room rates, room availability, and many more settings all in one place with our BE Inventory page.

To find out what you could do on the BE Inventory page, let’s check out this video :

Overview of the Booking Engine Inventory page :

  1. Show the rates & availability for all the active room types and the mapped rate plans
    • You shall see how many units of room have been occupied, how many units of BE booked, and how many were PMS blocked (if you are using Softinn PMS too).
  2. Show a menu list of actions that you could set by clicking on “Quick Update” button.
  3. View the list of public holidays that have been set by the system.
  4. Update the room availability on the Inventory page
  5. Apart from that, you can also apply discount to a rate plan of a room type on the BE Inventory page
  6. Furthermore, we also have made the Stop-Sell restriction available to BE, whereby you can use the Stop-Sell restriction if stop accepting booking from your hotel BE for a certain date or date range.
  7. In addition to the above, from the BE Inventory page you also can update the Minimum Stay, Maximum stay, and also Maximum BE Selling Unit for a date or a date range, as you wish, through the Quick Update button as well.

Hope this video helps you in understanding on how to navigate and use Softinn Booking Engine Inventory Page. 🙂

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