How to Get Your Customers to Promote Your Hotel and Homestay

We have spoken before on what User-Generated Content is and how it helps market your hotel or homestay in a surprising way. We believe hoteliers and homestay owners have realized how powerful User-Generated Content is, but may not know how to start with this trending marketing tactic at the beginning.

Hence, in this article, we are giving valuable tips for hoteliers and homestay owners about how to encourage User-Generated Content on social media in a more cost-saving way, transforming your guests into marketers in order to help you promote your business to persuade other travel shoppers.

1. Create Official Hashtags For Your Hotel and Homestay

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As hashtags have been widely used by social media users, you can simply create official hashtags for your hotel or homestay and encourage your guests to use it when posting a photo. Then, you can easily make use of your hashtags to link individual posts into one flowing conversation, engaging with them online. By doing so, it also allows your potential guests to search through those photos online for an inside look at your hotel and homestay.

2. Photo Opportunities at Your Hotel and Homestay

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Setting up an eye-catching place is one of the simplest ways to motivate your guests to take and share as many photos of your hotel and homestay as possible. You may decorate the place by using books, bicycle, empty picture frame or everything in your disposal as long as they inspire your guests to take and share photos online, bringing unofficial recommendations to other online users who can see those photos by chance.

Now you may be thinking, what if my homestay and hotel do not have enough space or I do not have enough money to set up these?

Definitely, welcoming messages, fun stickers or beautiful quotes on mirrors can also bring the same effect. The point is giving them a great photo opportunity at your hotel and homestay.

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3. Creating Social Media Posts

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Social media posts are reported to influence 59% of global purchasing decisions. Creating posts that introduce your services on social media sites will allow you approach dozens of prospects with little effort. Aside from sharing posts that introduce your services, you should also share posts that asking your guests to share their favourite things about your hotel or homestay, encourage them to comment, making your community more interesting for visitors to browse and drive more new customers to follow the suit.

4. Re-Post Guests’ Photos to Instagram

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When you re-posting your guests’ photos, you are actually delighting your guests and making them loyal to your brand by showing them that you care about their experience and your business. In fact, this also gives you the opportunity to convey your brand message and creating brand awareness to your prospects, getting other online users know what your service is. However, before you re-post your guests’ photos, make sure you always ask for permission as it is certainly better to go the safer and legal route.

5. Reviews

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As we all know, reviews play a crucial part in influencing a traveller’s decision when booking hotel or homestay somewhere. The reason behind is because those reviews are authentic, providing relevant, trustworthy and up-to-date information to other online users. As study showed 53% of travellers would not book hotel or homestay that had no reviews at all, it is always a good idea to encourage your current guests to leave reviews on all channels you have, attracting new customers’ attention.

You can make use of our Smart Review System to get guests’ reviews even on the first night of their stay and another one upon their check out.

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